Beetroot Hummus - Naturally Coeliac Friendly.

One thing we love to do when the sun is shining is have a picnic. Now I'm having to think a little harder about what to pack. No more sandwiches, sausage rolls, or mini quiches unless I've had time to make gluten free pastry (or roll out a pack of gluten free Just-Rol, who am I kidding!?). 
This makes ad-hoc picnics much more interesting...
But Pinterest has a wealth of different ideas for gluten free snack food ideas and I've been scouring the boards for days now, feverishly Pinning anything that looks remotely edible. 
When I came across the idea of different types of hummus I was so happy to discover that it's naturally gluten free.

My daughter loves anything pink, and I'd actually made this before for my birthday last year and she tried it and loved it...probably because it was pink. But I thought it'd make a super addition to our picnics because who doesn't want to dunk their food into pink deliciousness?!! 

We had our picnic at home in the garden yesterday as Ariana was having a dip in energy. She's only week 1 into her new lifestyle and the consultant said it could take months for her to start feeling 'normal' again. We've noticed a difference in her stomach pains, which is amazing, but her energy levels and emotional wellbeing are still all over the place. 

One day at a time though...

2 large beetroot (skin on)
1½ lemons (juiced - roughly 2 tbsp)
400g chickpeas (1 can)
2 cloves of garlic
3 tbsp tahini
½ tsp salt
water to thin.

A lot of the recipes I read for beetroot hummus had long drawn out beginnings with peeling and chopping the beets...I'm mega lazy and didn't have any latex gloves to hand to stop my fingers going pink (who does?!). So I wrapped the beetroot in silver foil as they came, popped them in the oven (gas 4) for about 1.5 hours, until they felt soft to squeeze. 

Once they'd cooled, I squeezed them out of their skins using the silver foil to stop any accidental dying and plopped them into my blender. 

Then I added everything else to the beets in the blender and blitzed...adding water until it was a lovely smooth and creamy consistency. 

Spooned it into a nice looking bowl and away we went...

Obviously this isn't one that you can make in a jiffy, but a regular hummus you probably could. 

I'm never very scientific about my recipes so you'll have to just bear with me...anything that  doesn't make any sense, let me know!!

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