Norwich, UK

Gluten Free Pancakes

For my first attempt at gluten free cooking I made pancakes!

Dont laugh

We all have to start somewhere...

One of my daughter's favourite breakfast treats are pancakes, we have them every weekend as I'm not quite ready to tackle them on a school morning. We were both delighted at how nice they tasted, how smooth the batter was, and how we couldn't really tell the difference between these and 'normal' pancakes. 

The only thing I did have to do differently was whisking the batter between each pancake as the flour tended to sink to the bottom of the jug. 

You're probably reading this thinking 'I don't need instructions on how to make a pancake'. In which case ignore what's written below and just enjoy the picture!

300ml Milk - I use whole milk
2 Large Eggs
100g Gluten Free Flour - I used Doves Farm.
Coconut oil for the pan.

I'd love to say how I make a well in the flour and add the eggs... but I don't. I add the milk to the measuring jug first so I can measure it easily, add the eggs and whisk, then sieve in the flour. Give it all a blitz with the electric whisker and it's all ready to go. 

I love the smell of the coconut oil as it's frying, make sure it's sizzling before adding any batter. Tip the batter in, roll it around in the pan so it's coated and wait until it's nearly cooked on one side before touching it. 

I lift the edges with a spatula and then jiggle the pan to loosen the pancake, then toss it (snigger). 

We enjoyed with lemon and sugar, classic. And some freeze dried raspberries I had left over from making my mum's birthday cake. Ariana keeps asking for chocolate spread with them, but I'm not sure about giving her that for breakfast because I'm mean. Now I don't know if it has gluten in it so until I find out it'll stay as a 'no'.

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